Comfort-Grip Retractable Leash


Experience superior control with the Comfort-Grip Retractable Leash, boasting 16 feet of durable nylon. Featuring quick stop and release buttons, you can confidently take your furry friend on walks without compromising their safety.

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  • If you are searching for a reliable and comfortable leash for you and your furry friend, then the Comfort-Grip Retractable Leash might be the one for you.
  • This leash is designed with a 16-foot nylon cord that can give your pet enough space to explore the surroundings while keeping them within your reach.
  • The contoured handle is crafted to reduce wrist strain, ensuring you can comfortably hold on to your pet.
  • Moreover, the leash also features quick stop and release buttons, allowing you to control your pet’s roaming and movements easily.
  • The durable ABS plastic leash casing is built to withstand heavy pulling pressure, making it a long-lasting and sturdy accessory for all your adventures with your pet.
Comfort Grip Retractable Leash

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comfort grip retractable leashComfort-Grip Retractable Leash
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