Caterpillar Nesting Cat Bed


The Caterpillar Nesting Cat Bed, made with high-quality brushed cotton microfiber and thick padding, provides the ideal cozy spot for your furry feline to snuggle up and sleep in.

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  • The Caterpillar Nesting Cat Bed is adorable and practical for your kitty.
  • Crafted with attention to detail, using the finest microfiber for snuggly and comfortable sleep.
  • Thick padding provides maximum comfort and support for your cat’s body.
  • Additionally, the bed’s pillow inserts are removable and machine washable.
  • Plus, it boasts a cute caterpillar design.
Caterpillar Cat Bed

Blue, Gray, Red


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gray caterpillar nesting cat bedCaterpillar Nesting Cat Bed
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