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Welcome to the Love4PetPaws site!

We are a husband and wife team, Jason and Heather, with a shared love for animals.  More specifically, cats and dogs.  Through this shared love and have loved and lost fur babies, we were inspired to create this website dedicated to providing you, the consumer, with products relating to cats and dogs.  Included are items for cats, dogs, or you, the consumer.

The truth is we are just like you.  Our pets are our family. They sleep with us, we have pet names for their pet names, and we care for them when they are sick. They care for us when we are sick! We take them on vacation with us when possible and hire pet care when we can’t. We watch them grow from kittens and puppies to elderly cats and dogs. We’ve held them in our arms as they have passed. And even as devastating as that is, we know we will always have cats and dogs because they are true love for us. 

In short, our dedication is to provide you with Pet-Related Products For You And Your Pet and help pets along the way. Most of our pets have been strays right in our backyard! We would love to help the stray population in rural areas somehow, and we are dedicated to making this happen. We hope you will join us on this journey.  


Jason and Heather


How to contact us:

Email:  inquiries@love4petpaws.com or customerservice@love4petpaws.com

Phone:  1-855-473-8729

Mail:  Love4PetPaws.com LLC
16751 Clover Rd #1021
Noblesville, In 46060


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