Tie on something Purrtacular!

black cat and candy corn halloween bandanas
pumpkins and ghosts purple halloween bandanas
candy corn halloween pet necktie 3-pk

Is your pet Halloween-ready? If not, we may have something for you. Check out our tie-on bandanas in several purrtacular designs. If you want a clip-on design, check out the Halloween Pet Neckties. Variety 3-pk.

🐈‍⬛, oh, cats! Purr, hiss, meooowwww. Cats have tons of personality, to say the least, and cat owners love every side of their furry feline cuddlers. You never know what you may get with a cat, but nothing can compare to a little fur ball curling up beside you, in your lap, or on your chest, your legs, your feet, your head, across your face, on your back…should I go on??

You also can’t beat the excitement they bring to our lives. Like when they do what I call the ‘fish swish’ between your legs, and you try to avoid stepping on them and half fly through the air, looking for something to hold on to, heart pounding, then thankfully land on your feet and breathe a sigh of relief. Or when you play dodge the claws while sitting on the toilet, and they eye spy your pant string and think it’s a toy. Pants down around your ankle with a cat batting away at the string while you’re shifting your legs, trying to avoid that screech down your skin, and at the same time, try not to fall off the toilet! Grab a wad of toilet paper, make it into a ball, and throw it. Sigh with relief as they bounce off; who cares about the shredded mess? You’ll get it when you’re back in the safe zone. See, how boring would it be without all of that excitement?


Dogs, dogs, dogs! We ❤️ dogs! They are our faithful companions and loyal to the core. They are our best friends and travel companions. They lift our spirits with playfulness and console us when we are sad. Even the annoying things like shedding hair, smelly farts (c’mon, you know it happens!), or slobber become endearing to us, or funny! Like when they turn to look at their butt when that puff of air comes out in a tiny squeak, and they are confused about what just happened! 😂 We open our hearts to these adorable, wiggly, furry, funny, and sometimes exasperating creatures, and in turn, we are shown what unconditional love truly is. Is there any doubt about why we ❤️ dogs?!

a fall image of a dog laying in a bed of leaves looking at the camera.

Howling, I’m too pawsh for myself!

ghost halloween pet Necktie 3-pk
5 pair halloween dog hair tie accessories

Get your fall on!

women's fashion pawprint scarf black
close up view of cat hair scrunchies
cat socks
classic black cat pillow cover
men's crew dog socks

Why not pick up something for yourself or your BOO? We have several excellent pet-related gifting options. We think they are Maahaaaharvelous!

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